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One downside to operating an online store is that you can’t interact with your visitors the same way you would at a physical store. For customers it often takes way too long to receive an email response, and making a phone call may be out of the question. This is where a Magento live chat extension can work wonders!

There are many Magento live chat options that can provide the necessary space for communication with your customers. Nothing is easier than typing your question in the chat widget and receiving a response in under two minutes. If you’re still not sure which extension to go for, here are 13 to choose from!

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LiveChat is a chat tool for Magento websites. It is useful for customer support and online sales. The chat tool works to provide quick answers and a personalized shopping experience to your visitors. Traditionally, the chat box sits at the bottom right of your web page. Visitors can click on the box and choose to chat, or you can invite them to chat.

The purpose of this tool is to satisfy your customers by quickly resolving problems, thus leading to higher sales. Add a chat widget to your website, customize it to your liking, and create a welcome message for your customers.

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Olark Live Chat

Olark Live Chat claims that one easy way to appeal to your customers is through a live chat widget. It is a simple and effective way to boost sales and drive traffic to your website. WIth Olark’s intuitive software, you can easily create and customize your own chat settings to fit your brand.

Make your customers feel as though they are talking to a human in a physical store. Improve customer satisfaction and encourage them to come back. The extension offers a 2-week free trial. Try it on for size before committing to a paid version.

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LiveAgent provides an instant connection with your website visitors. Through open and fast communication you can convert your website visitors into paying customers in no time. Technology used by LiveAgent matches the customer to the best equipped agent. Automation will save you lots of time that you can put into communicating with your clients and building a trusting relationship.

LifeAgent is a tool promoted by famous brands like Forbes, Nascar, and USC. It is reliable and helpful in driving profits. With this extension, you can provide exceptional support to your customers. Connect with them in seconds and create a meaningful connection with just one conversation.

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Casengo Magento Live Chat

Casengo is knocking all the competition out of the water with its feature-packed chat widget extension. For starters, it only takes a few minutes to install the extension and start chatting with customers. Resolve their issues faster and add a personal touch. Casengo doesn’t only offer a live chat, but also email, phone, and social media support. Customers can choose to contact you through any channel.

Use the knowledge base to help customers find answers without contacting you. Customize your chat widget to suit your website and brand. Handle all chats from the Casengo app. There is a 14-day free trial.

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Tidio is more than just a live chat tool. Using the extension you can connect with your customers in seconds. It only takes a few minutes to add the software to your website and start using it. Contact your visitors through the Magento live chat widget and turn them into paying customers. Boost sales and improve the overall shopping experience.

Tidio was featured by Shopify and Forbes, which can attest to its quality. The software is currently used by over 300,000 businesses. Turn your response time from several hours to under 3 minutes. Connect with your customers in real time and provide quick customer support with ease.

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LandOfCoder is a Magento live chat extension. You can chat with your customers in real time and clear up all of their doubts about your products. This way you can achieve a higher level of customer satisfaction. Communication through live chat is more efficient than email or any other channel. Customers don’t have to queue for a chat and wait hours for a response.

Record your customers’ information automatically. With a signup box for new customers and a login box for existing ones, you can keep track of all of your leads. Ask for their names and emails to contact them in the future.

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Belvg Magento Live Chat

Belvg is an excellent tool that can give life to your online store. Communicate with your customers using a live chat widget. Reply quickly to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The best customer service in online stores consist of quick live support. You have full control over the chatting process.

Customize the Magento live chat window to fit your brand. Add your logo, change the colors, and create your own unique design. Get additional information about your customers, such as their location or how they found out about you. Invite other team members into any chat and view chat history if needed.

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Encourage your customers to come back to your website using the HappyFox Magento live chat extension. Learn to engage with your customers correctly and create a personalized shopping experience for each by viewing data like cart information, order details, and past chats. Give your customers better recommendations and resolve issues faster.

Use HappyFox to improve support efficiency and agent productivity. Encourage your agents to support multiple customers at once. Take advantage of customer data and create a unique shopping experience for each and every shopper. Monitor your customers on the website and analyze their purchase behavior. Offer personalized product recommendations and use targeted marketing.

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Tawk Magento Live Chat

Tawk is a tool for empowering customers and communicating with them. With the extension, your website can become a one-stop shop for all communication with customers. Chat with your customers and keep track of all the service issues they’re experiencing. The extension provides a very easy way to communicate with visitors, and it’s free!

Be there for your customers when they have questions about your store or products. Identify FAQs that you can write down for the future. This way, customers can easily solve common issues without your help. Tawk is just a small JavaScript snippet on your website that will make all the difference in customer service.

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Webkul invites you to have live conversations with your customers right in your online store. Customers can message customer support representatives about their orders, questions, and issues. Customer requests are then automatically assigned to available chat agents. In order to use the extension, you need to install Node js.

Update your profile picture in the chat to make customers feel like they are talking to a real person in a store. Customers can use the chat window to login or sign up to your website. Share big and small files, such as images and documents, with customers in the chat.

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With Smartsupp you can communicate with your customers in real time, right on your website. The extension is currently used by over 60,000 companies. It offers an unlimited number of agents and chats. That means you can really have as many agents as you want; don’t limit yourself! Chat with your customers from a smartphone or tablet; the extension offers responsive design.

Design your own custom chat box with the help of Smartsupp. Record the behavior of your website visitors and figure out why they leave without purchasing anything. Nobody likes to wait around for their message to be answered; answer your customers’ questions instantly. Use the extension to improve customer relations and conversion rates.

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Mylivechat is servicing over 600,000 accounts at the moment, and all are happy! The extension urges you to turn your website visitors into paying customers. In order to do that, you can talk to them in real time and answer any questions they may have. A live chat box is a fast and personalized way to engage your customers and make them stay. Help them now, before they leave the website.

Make your customers feel as though they are interacting with a real person in a store. The chat box doesn’t change the design and layout of your website; it simply adds to it. Chat to your website visitors at no cost at all. The software can anticipate what your visitor is going to say next. Use that to redirect them to the right agent.

Though it may be hard to choose from all of these options, one thing is certain: you need a Magento live chat extension for your online store! Communicate with customers and give them the care they deserve. That will help you drive sales and turn your visitors into loyal customers.

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