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Magento is considered one of the top e-commerce platforms used these days. It is an open-source platform, which means the software is free for use. The software is written in PHP, providing great control over the E-Commerce website’s content, interface, shopping cart experience, and functionality.

Once you set up your e-commerce store using Magento, it is necessary to ensure your online store’s safety. To find the current security posture of your website, you need a security scanner. Several Magento malware scanners can check your online store for various security flaws. The top 8 Magento Malware Scanners are discussed in detail below.

1. Astra

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At the top, we have Astra. Astra is an all in one security suite for your eCommerce store. It is a fast and accurate Magento Malware scanner to deal with more than a hundred types of online threats. The salient features of Astra are listed below:

Fast Scanning Speed

Astra has a built-in machine learning feature that allows it to optimize itself after each scan, allowing faster subsequent scans. 

Earlier Malware Detection

With AI learning capability, the scanner can detect malware at a very earlier stage. 

Intuitive Reports

Astra scans the backdoors and core files thoroughly to look for any sort of malware. The scan reports are clearly showing traces of changes in the code. 


  1. You can scan your website with just a click from the dashboard.
  2. The scanner is efficient enough to detect hidden malware.
  3. The speed of the website is not affected while scanning. 


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Sucuri offers the best site security solution for various website platforms like Joomla, WordPress, Magento, etc. They provide a free online security scan for malware. For professional assistance, you can purchase their security suite. Scuri offers the following features:

Monitor Your Website

The sucuri scanner checks the website for malware and hack attempts. It resolves the issue by removing the malware. 

Builds Website Firewall

It builds a firewall for the website that protects the site from malware attacks and speeds up the site. 

Backup your website

The scanner backups the website code and related files. 

The Sucuri Magento Malware Scanner Scans the website for the following information:

  • It scans the website source code to find any infected file or malicious code. 
  • The scanner also provides the facility of checking your website status, i.e., either blacklisted or not by the website security authorities. 
  • Sucuri also detects outdated plug-ins and extensions.


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Sansec eComscan is a specialized Magento malware scanner. eComscan is updated regularly for threat intelligence. Sansec’s primary focus is on eCommerce frauds, so they are always aware of the latest attack techniques. The top features are as follows:

Excellent Threat Intelligence

Sansec has the best research team that analyses hundreds of eCommerce hacks every week and keeps updating eComscan to provide ultimate security. 

Service-Side Monitoring

eComscan monitors the whole website, including admin accounts, source code files, database, and platform components. 

Flexible Integration and Reporting

Sansec eComscan can easily integrate with your existing monitoring system. Moreover, there are multiple reporting ways according to client preferences. You can get your scan reports via email, phone, slack, etc. 

Vulnerability Detection

eComscan detects vulnerable plug-ins and extensions. The scanner ensures the complete security of your website.

Magento Security Scan Tool

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Magento provides a free service of “Magento Security Scan Tool” for their open-source and Commerce Magento versions. The tool facilitates regular monitoring of the website. It detects security issues, unauthorized access and resolves malware issues. Using the Magento Security Scan tool will provide you following information:

  • The scanner identifies outdated security patches.
  • It detects potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • It highlights security misconfigurations.
  • It identifies digital skimming injections.


  • You can get a real-time security status of your eCommerce store.
  • The security tool will give potential solutions for vulnerabilities.
  • Previous security reports can be used to keep track of the security record of the website.
  • You can easily schedule your scan based on a weekly, monthly, or demand basis. 
  • You will receive excellent suggestions to remove potential malware.
  • You can check the scan report with recommendations. 

Magento has provided the tool for free, and users can access it from the Magento account dashboard. 


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MageReport is a free website security scanning tool and is popular among Magento platform users. MageReport checks the website for known vulnerabilities. 

To perform scanning, you simply have to put the URL of the website on while the site is open in another tab. Hit the scan button, and the scanner will start generating the report. The software scans the website against the following security patches:

  • Webforms vulnerability / RCE
  • API exposed
  • Admin disclosure
  • Ransomware
  • Security patch 6482, 6788, 7405, 9652
  • GuruInk Javascript
  • Visbot malware
  • Brute force attacks
  • Many more

MageReport checks the core Magento for security threats. Moreover, it also scans the website for vulnerabilities found in 3rd party extensions. allows registration to get notifications about new vulnerabilities found.


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Foregenix scans the eCommerce store for external malware. The software is updated regularly by the company’s Threat Intelligence Group. The Foregenix keeps track of the security poster of the website over time. The highlighting features of Foregenix include:

Detecting latest malware

The scanner will detect the latest malware like skimmers or criminal codes.

Identifying patching issues 

It will find if the website is missing necessary security patches.

Website security 

It will find whether the website is set up securely or not.

SSL issues 

The scanner will look for the SSL issues on the website. 

Foregenix produces a high-level report highlighting the following threats:

  • Magmi
  • Cloud Harvester Malware
  • Magento Shoplift
  • XSS, RSS attack
  • Outdated V\version
  • Secrets disclosure
  • Credit Card hijack
  • Unprotected version control
  • Admin disclosure/takeover

The scan report will appear on the screen and sent to your email address. 

Patch Tester

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Magento Security Patch Tester checks the website for the latest security threats. Magento releases security patches from time to time to ensure a completely secure experience of the web store. As the security patch is released, it is advisable to implement the patch. 

Hackers are always after eCommerce sites to steal their customers or private data. They always look for a loophole in security features or any weakness in the code. To avoid such a situation and keep the Magento platform secure, Magento releases security patches according to the latest security threats. 

The security patch tester checks the website for all the latest patches installed. In case any critical security patch is missing, it will alert you. Moreover, it also scans for other security threats as well. 


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Acunetix is another yet efficient website security scanner. It can quickly scan heavy traffic websites without affecting the performance of the sites. The interface of the scanner is simple and easy to use.

Acunetix will check the website for Magento related issues and other website vulnerabilities like SQL injections and XSS. The scanner is designed in a way to work with great speed and efficiency. 

After the scan, a complete and comprehensive test report is generated. The report not only highlights the issues and threats but also provides solutions to the problems. A security person can easily handle those issues under the report’s guidance. 

Moreover, you can export the issues to your preferred bug tracker like Bugzilla, GitHub, Mantis, etc. Business owners can also generate DSS, PCI, OWASPTop 10 reports.


Website security is an essential part of an eCommerce business. There are various website security scanners available in the market. You can find some free of cost, while some have their premium versions. We have compared the top 8 Magento Malware Scanners for their features and efficiency. You can choose the malware scanner that best suits your needs.

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