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Having an online store is great, though somewhat limiting. Many shoppers prefer to see an item with their own eyes, touch it, and try it on before purchasing. That’s where a physical store is helpful. You can direct your customers to your offline store and drive sales there. 

In order to point your online customers in the right direction, implement a Magento store locator extension. Those allow you to show your store locations on Google Maps, add descriptions and information, and even give directions to your customers. Here, we collected some of the best Magento store locator extensions on the market!

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With Amasty you can easily guide your customers to your nearest store location. Connect your website to your physical store and drive offline sales. Customers that prefer shopping offline will appreciate this extension.

You can display multiple store locations on a map. Show the nearest store automatically using geofencing. Provide filters with different search criteria. Add your store locator to as many pages on your website as you want. Your customers will appreciate simple directions on how to get to your store. In addition to that, you can even show product availability in your physical stores.

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Do you want to double your revenue? Who doesn’t! If that’s the case for you, you need to increase traffic to your offline store. Aheadworks allows you to make your physical store visible on a map so customers can easily find you. Use Google Maps as your default and let customers make their way to you. They can search by address or radius, as well as find the nearest store using the “Find My Location” feature.

Add an image and a short description to each one of your physical stores. Allow customers to easily identify your store by the picture. Promote your offline store and double your revenue in no time.

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Do you want to help your customers find the nearest location of your store? With Mageplaza it’s easy! The extension is integrated with Google Maps, so your customers can find your store, and even generate its GPS coordinates and directions. This greatly improves user experience and drives traffic to your physical store, as well as the website.

With Mageplaza you can display all store locations on any given page. Dedicate a whole page to it if you’d like! Display relevant store information, and opening times during weekdays, weekends, and holidays. The map can be viewed from any device, including phone, tablet, and computer.

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Ideo is a store locator extension that is compatible with Magento. The extension allows you to add your store location to Google Maps using longitude and latitude. With this app, customers can easily find your store through Google Maps. If you have multiple locations, customers can find the nearest location to them. They can also search by country, category, postcode, or city.

It will only take you a few clicks to add a store address to your website. The extension is very user-friendly and utilizes a simple drag and drop interface. In order to use the extension, you need Google API keys and a Google account.

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MageArray allows you to display your store locations on your website. It will only take you a few clicks to add the addresses of your physical stores to your website. Create as many locations as you want and encourage your customers to shop online and offline.

You can display all of your locations on a separate page if you’d like. The extension offers full Google Maps integration. There is an embedded interactive map, with map and satellite view. The map also offers street view, so that customers can easily find your store. Visitors can view all of your store locations on the map at once.

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With CreativeMinds you can navigate your customers to your store locations. The extension offers full Google Maps integration with all the necessary features and tools. Add important information about your store, like the address, opening hours, contact information, and short description, to your store location. You can also add an image to make it easier to recognize. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for customers to find you.

Using this feature, users can purchase or reserve a product online and pick it up in the store. Increase your online visibility by promoting your physical store.

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MageAnts invites you to increase the online visibility of your physical retail store. You can input an unlimited number of store locations and display them all using Google Maps. Make your website more interactive with a map and add store images to the locations. Allow customers to “search by distance” to find the nearest store.

Upload aesthetic images of your store and give your location a beautiful background. A list of all of your store locations will appear on the left side of the page. The user can click on the store they are interested in and view all the details.

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With over 9 years of experience, MageSolution offers you the ability to display the physical locations of your stores. Many customers want to touch and see the products in real life before purchasing them. Direct them to your physical store and reap the benefits!

Clients can see the full list of stores on Google Maps. They can search by country, state, city, zip code, and distance. They can find the nearest store to their location. View the full store list and click on one to learn more. Add details like address, contact information, website, tags, images, and opening times.

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MageNest invites you to list all of your store locations on your website using a Google Maps display. With store locations, customers can easily find their way to the nearest store. In addition to the location, the description can show parking availability, accepted payment methods, and more. Create and manage as many store locations as you want using MageNest.

Display all of your locations on a separate page. Create filters that make it easier to find the most desirable location. Provide directions to every location. Don’t forget to input the opening times on weekdays, weekends, and holidays! The extension is SEO friendly and provides mobile-responsive design.

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MConnect will help you help your customers find your store with ease. All you have to do is add all the necessary information to direct your customers to the nearest store location. You can add as much information as you want, including opening hours. Choose to show all addresses on a single page or separate pages. Customers can see the whole list of stores at once.

Use custom icons on Google Maps to showcase your store locations. Customers can choose between satellite and map view. Filter store locations and addresses using tags. Search by zip code, country, city, and state.

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MageDelight is an excellent store locator extension for Magento 2. Help your customers find your physical store in a matter of minutes. The extension allows you to add store details, like addresses and images, to your store location. Display opening and closing times, as well as lunch breaks. Show if you’re closed on weekends or holidays.

Allow your customers to search by radius, zip code, city, or state. They can even choose to find the nearest store. Additionally, customers can search by tags, and use criteria and filters to find the store they’re looking for. Increase traffic to your physical store

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CMSmart is a smart extension for your online store. With the app, you can show all of your store locations on a single map. Your customers can use geofencing to find the nearest store and even get directions from their location. Not encouraging your customers to visit your physical store is a big opportunity missed.

The extension can help you showcase all of your locations with information and images, opening and closing times, and store descriptions. Search for your desired store by distance, zip code, state, and so on. Display a full list of stores on one page. Include an unlimited number of store locations.

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Help your customers find your nearest store location and get directions there through Google Maps using MageHit. Allow customers to search for a store by product or location. If a certain product is available in one location, it can show in the description. Google Maps suggestions will show the correct store after typing in just a few letters.

Import hundreds and even thousands of locations at once using a CSV file. Invite customers to contact you using popup Ajax forms. MageHit offers 90 days of free support and a 30-days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. The app is easy to install and upgrade.

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Use FME to not only share your store locations but attach products to your stores. Let your customers search for products and find stores that have them. Alternatively, they can also search by address using zip code, state, country, and so on. Through gaining access to the customer’s location, Google Maps can point out the nearest store to them and even recommend the fastest route to take to get to the desired location.

Import stores through a CSV file. You don’t have to go one by one; instead, import all stores at once. Display all the necessary information, such as phone numbers, reviews, and operating hours, next to your store locations.

Implementing a Magento store locator extension in your website is a game-changer. Invite your customers to visit your store and drive offline sales. If you’re still not promoting your physical store locations, you are missing out! Use one of the extensions mentioned above to encourage customers to shop offline.

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